PlayStation VR2 Reportedly Arriving Q1 2023

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has started ramping up the official news of late regarding PlayStation VR2. We now know what it looks like and all the goodies housed inside. However, as yet there’s been no mention of a release date or price. When it comes to releasing, a new rumour suggests that it’ll happen early next year.

PlayStation VR2

The new launch rumour comes by way of PSVR Without Parole, the same YouTube channel that leaked a few of PlayStation VR2’s specifications last summer; so the track record is already good. Supposedly, PlayStation VR2 won’t be arriving until Q1 2023, meaning you’re going to have to wait a whole year. That makes it seven years since the original PlayStation VR came out!

Whilst it is just a rumour the info isn’t too surprising when you look at several factors – which the channel points out. Firstly, even though over 10 million PlayStation 5’s have been sold, they’re still horrendously difficult to get hold of due to the semiconductor shortage. That’s going to make them a hot ticket item for the rest of the year and SIE will want a sizable userbase before launching the peripheral.

Also, because of those supply chain issues, a 2023 launch gives the company a bigger manufacturing window to ensure stock shortages are less likely. PlayStation VR2 isn’t going to be as in demand as PS5 but there are still plenty of VR fans eager to get their hands on the new headset and its abundance of features.

PlayStation VR2

As we now know, PlayStation VR2 is going to be one feature-packed headset with a 4k HDR display, a 110-degree field of view (FoV), headset haptics, eye tracking (for foveated rendering), inside-out tracking, a new vent design, IPD adjustment, and new controllers. Plus, as the first images showcase, it looks really good too.

A 2023 launch will also avoid clashing with several other VR headsets expected during the latter half of 2022. Meta’s Project Cambria is slated to arrive around that time, so is Somnium Space’s modular standalone. And then there’s the first Linux VR headset.

Still, with it being February 2023 does seem quite far away. For continued updates on PlayStation VR2, keep reading gmw3.