Time for an Encore in Pistol Whip’s Latest Update

Pistol Whip has been thoroughly entertaining virtual reality (VR) fans since its launch in 2019, tomorrow there’s even more to look forward to. Developer Cloudhead Games has announced the “Encore” update for the rhythm action shooter, adding new modes as well as encouraging you to jump back into the campaigns.

Pistol Whip Encore

The single-player videogame has always had a competitive element thanks to its global leaderboards but with Encore there’s a whole new local gameplay element. Party Mode! offers players the chance to compete against friends and family at home, creating personalised challenges to really tailor each session.

Why bother playing Monopoly on a Sunday when you can grab your VR headset and challenge guests to beat your scores. Use the exclusive Party Mode! keyboard to enter your name before handing the headset over to the next player.

Did you enjoy the 2089 and Smoke & Thunder campaigns? Well, two new scenes are being added based on them. The first is The Way Home, the song that featured in the credits of the 2089 campaign whilst heart-pounding track Fist Fight by Devora is Smoke & Thunder’s new entry.

Pistol Whip Encore

Alongside all of that, there are even more customisation options. Three new guns will be added to the roster as well as new liveries. Plus, the Styles system that was introduced in 2021 is getting three new modifiers. Activating No Beat means scores are determined entirely by the accuracy of your shots, Rhythmic does the opposite with scores determined entirely by shooting to the beat. Lastly, you’ve got Targets that swaps the enemies out for new abstract targets.

Quite the selection all in all. The Pistol Whip “Encore” update arrives tomorrow (24th February) as a freebie for Meta Quest, PC VR, and PlayStation VR headsets. For continued updates, keep reading gmw3.