Green Hell VR Demo Arrives as Part of Steam Next Fest

Today sees the start of the Steam Next Fest event, where hundreds of demos are made available over the coming week. One studio taking part is Incuvo, giving PC VR gamers the very first chance to play its upcoming survival adventure Green Hell VR.

Green Hell VR
Green Hell VR – PC version

Remaking Creepy Jar’s Green Hell from the ground up for virtual reality (VR) headsets, Green Hell VR was initially teased back in 2020. Today, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index, and Windows Mixed Reality headset owners can get their first glimpse into the dangerous Amazonian rainforest, where they’ll have to hunt, forage and craft to survive this inhospitable environment.

Incuvo hasn’t said how much of the final game the demo will showcase but hopefully, it’ll contain a good chunk of the 60+ gameplay mechanics the team has been working on. Just like the dev’s VR port of Blair Witch: VR Edition its making sure all the mechanics are perfectly tuned to VR gameplay.

So you’ll be able to physically fire bows and swing axes to defend yourself from wild animal attacks. Become hurt or infected and you’ll have to treat the wounds, wrapping leaves around your arm. And there’s making fires to ward off the cold night, cooking food, making a shelter, and all the other things you’ll have to do to make sure the jungle doesn’t kill you.

Green Hell VR
Green Hell VR – Meta Quest version

As this is a demo and not the final product Incuvo has issued the following statement: “This early demo build has issues with optimization and requires a high-end PC. Some graphics cards will see better performance than others.”

Currently, the development team is working towards a Q2 2022 launch for both SteamVR and Meta Quest platforms. As gmw3 reported last year, Incuvo also plans on supporting PlayStation VR at some point in the future. For continued updates keep reading gmw3.