First Gameplay Trailer Drops for Meta Quest Exclusive The Tale of Onogoro

A couple of weeks ago Japanese virtual reality (VR) developer Amata K.K. revealed its next project, an action-adventure called The Tale of Onogoro. Today, the first solid gameplay details have been unveiled, alongside a new trailer and confirmation that it’ll be a Meta Quest exclusive.


Combining Japanese culture and steampunk elements, The Tale of Onogoro sees you join Japanese high priestess Haru Kose on a journey through a fantasy world filled with puzzles and giant beings called “Kami”.

“These Kami often manifest as “Incensed Kami” and go on rampages, causing havoc in their wake. Shinto priests and priestesses are dispatched by shrines to quell each Incensed Kami that manifests, risking their lives to protect the citizens,” explains the synopsis.

“One day, it is reported that five Incensed Kami have manifested on the sacred floating island, Onogoro Island. Haru, as the High Priestess of the Grand Holy Shrine: Daijingu is dispatched to the island to see to the matter. However, the man responsible for the appearance of the five Incensed Kami on the island, Masatake Arakida, attacks Haru and steals parts of her body. He then chains her to a quelling stone and locks her away in a shrine. In a desperate attempt to summon reinforcements, Haru accidentally summons the Player to her world.”


You are a ghost-like character in Kose’s world able to interact with it by using divine ancient relics called the Celestial Weapons. With these devices, you can interact with various puzzle elements, fight the Kami and manoeuvre the quelling stone she’s attached to. Keeping Kose alive is vital as you’re both linked, so if one of you takes damage so does the other.

From the looks of it, The Tale of Onogoro is shaping up to be a much bigger VR title than Amata K.K.’s previous project, Last Labyrinth.

Coming to Meta Quest this spring, The Tale of Onogoro will retail for $29.99 USD. Check out the new trailer below and for further updates keep reading gmw3.