Wands Alliances Brings Room Scale Magical Combat to Meta Quest in 2022

Cortopia Studios’ magic-based PvP title Wands has been doing the rounds since the days of Samsung Gear VR. Now the studio has announced a spiritual successor to the competitive multiplayer, Wands Alliances.

Wands Alliances

Set in an alternate Victorian-era London, Cortopia Studios and publisher Beyond Frames have said that Wands Alliances will feature team-based 3v3 gameplay. Players will have to: “tactically utilize their play space and covers to achieve victory against their opponents.”

That roomscale addition will certainly change the dynamic of Wands’ original gameplay where you teleported between various spots around an arena. It sounds like it could be similar to the Space Pirate Trainer DX update that added an arena mode requiring a 10m x 10m (32ft x 32ft). Whilst that made for some epic virtual combat, trying to find an area that large which has WiFi was always easy.

That’s likely not the case as most players will want to play at home. Either way, no footage of Wands Alliances has been shown so far so you’ll have to wait and see. A teaser trailer was released highlighting a selection of weapons that look like upgraded magical staffs from the first videogame.

Wands - image 3
Wands. Image credit: Cortopia Studios

“We wanted to challenge ourselves to find a room scale gameplay mechanic in a PvP game, whereas most other titles in the genre deliver a more stationary play style. We found the Wands universe to be the right path and we have worked really hard to bring 3v3 magical battles to VR in a completely new package,” said Ricky Helgesson, co-founder of Beyond Frames and Head of Design at Cortopia. “We’re finally getting ready to launch Wands Alliances in 2022, almost 6 years after Wands in 2016 and I cannot wait to start playing it with the wider VR community.”

Wands Alliances is currently slated to arrive for Meta Quest 2 during 2022. For continued updates on the title, keep reading gmw3.