Ultrawings 2 Hits PC VR in March, Competitive Dogfighting in the Works

Ultrawings 2 soared onto Meta Quest 2 last week with plenty of positive feedback from gamers. A day later developer Bit Planet Games detailed what it has planned post-launch, with features including multiplayer, more aircraft and, of course, the PC VR version.

Ultrawings 2

For Ultrawings 2’s first major patch the team will feature enemy dogfighting whilst in the freeflight for particular aircraft. “We want some emergent — almost — survival type of gameplay where you engage the enemy and see how long you can survive and how many kills you rack up,” a blog post explains.

Moving on from that, competitive dogfighting is on the cards with a closed beta to be held in the next month. No further details on that just yet but it’ll certainly evolve the franchise even further as it’s been entirely single-player so far.

As for additional content, a racing plane and air races will appear later in the year as DLC. Bit Planet Games will be listening to player feedback to help shape and expand Ultrawings 2 in the future.

Ultrawings 2

Finally, there’s the PC version for Steam and the Oculus Rift store. Initially marked for February on Steam, the studio has now earmarked March for the PC launch which will support Rift, Valve Index, HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality. Also confirmed is cross-buy on Oculus Store.

As these new features are rolled out, gmw3 will keep you updated.