Tobii Negotiating With Sony to Supply PlayStation VR2’s Eye Tracking

In a rather surprising statement today, eye-tracking specialist Tobii has revealed that it is currently talking to Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) in regards to supplying its tech for PlayStation VR2.

It was certainly a very short but sweet statement, saying: “Tobii AB, the global leader in eye tracking and pioneer of attention computing, announces it is currently in negotiation with Sony Interactive Entertainment (“SIE”) be the eye tracking technology provider in SIE’s new VR headset, PlayStation VR2 (PS VR2).”

Tobii added that the negotiations are “are ongoing” with no details to share regarding how a deal would financially impact the company. The only reason the details have been shared is due to EU Market Abuse Regulations.

PlayStation VR2 was initially teased in early 2021, with eye-tracking confirmed by Sony during its CES 2022 presentation. What makes the reveal so surprising is the timing. Whilst SIE hasn’t yet confirmed a launch date, there have been suggestions it could be this year. If the eye tracking component is still being negotiated then that could mean waiting even longer for PlayStation VR2. Key features like this are usually settled upon well in advance so videogame companies know what they’re working with.

PlayStation 5 VR Controller

Even so, having Tobii on board would mean the eye tracking is in very good hands. Tobii already supplies the likes of the HP Reverb G2 Omnicept Edition and the Pico Neo 2 Eye, both of which are enterprise-level VR headsets.

Eye-tracking is commonly used to enhance VR experiences, allowing avatars to be more expressive or thanks to foveated rendering reduce the processing workload for improved visuals. PlayStation VR2 will utilise all of these features, SIE recently launched a new landing page for the headset where you can delve into its capabilities and sign-up for more info. Unfortunately, there’s no picture of the headset just yet.

As further details of this announcement come to light, gmw3 will keep you updated.