Quest Store Content Sales Top $1 Billion With 8 Titles Exceeding $20m

Yesterday Meta held its Q4 2021 earnings call revealing plenty of details regarding its virtual reality (VR) business. While the company still refrains from revealing any figures relating to Meta Quest 2 hardware sales, where the Oculus Store is concerned Meta is far more open about its success. The latest figures released note that users have spent $1 billion USD on VR content through the digital platform.

In the call Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said: “We’re seeing real traction with Quest 2. People have spent more than $1B on Quest store content, helping virtual reality developers grow and sustain their business.” Additionally, he went on to say: “We had a strong holiday season and Oculus reached the top of the App Store for the first time on Christmas Day in the 4 US.”

Chris Pruett, Director of Content Ecosystem at Meta then followed this announcement up on Twitter by going into further detail about those sales figures. 8 videogames have managed to surpass $20 million in revenue, 14 titles have hit $10 million, whilst a further 17 are now over $5 million. Even better still Over 120 games are in the millions, further securing Meta Quest 2’s position at the top of the VR gaming industry.

There was no indication of how this breaks down between the official Oculus Store and App Lab, the latter seeing considerable growth since its launch last year. According to App Lab DB the early access store currently contains 846 titles, considerably more than the 339 on the official store.

Oculus Quest - sharing

Additionally, when it comes to Meta’s metaverse plans and its Horizon Worlds app, the company will be creating a mobile version. Quite how that’ll work when the platform is focused on providing an immersive VR experience isn’t clear but supposedly you’ll be able to access Horizon Worlds from your Facebook or Instagram apps as well.

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