A Utopian Digital Afterlife Awaits in Virtual Virtual Reality 2 This Month

Virtual Virtual Reality (VR) was an indie hit for Tender Claws back in 2017, thanks to its narrative and immersive gameplay. Today, the studio has announced a follow-up, Virtual Virtual Reality 2 (VVR2), which is about to launch offering a critical take on the latest tech buzzword, the “metaverse”.


In VVR2 you are a human who’s uploaded their conscience to the retirement metaverse of Scottsdale, where humans and AI can enjoy a peaceful afterlife. Or that would be the case but for one little issue, Scottsdale’s venture capitalist funding has been pulled, and so with it the servers where you all live. So rather than settling down into retirement, it’s now a race to avoid being deleted as servers are shut down one by one.

The ultimate goal is to escape and try and make it back into what the AI call; meatspace. This being VVR2 that’s no simple task but along the way, you’ll meet plenty of unusual characters and enjoy some new gameplay mechanics. One of the main ones is the operation of a mech. This giant machine requires multiple NPCs to operate so you’ll be switching between Scottsdale and the mech hive mind.

As you work your way out of Scottsdale the new NPCs you pick up along the way all have their own unique tools and abilities; as well as some emotional baggage. All of which adds up to 10+ hours of gameplay claims Tender Claws.


One thing is for certain, from the look of the new gameplay trailer VVR2 is still in keeping with the wacky aesthetics that made the original stand out.

Virtual Virtual Reality 2 will be coming to Meta Quest 2 and Rift next Thursday, 10th February, retailing for $29.99 USD. A SteamVR version will appear on 17th Feb. For further updates on VVR2, keep reading gmw3.