Global Crypto Events to Attend in 2022

2022 is set to be an incredibly exciting year for everyone in the crypto, blockchain and NFT communities. With Web3 on the horizon and in-person events starting to return, it’s never been a better time to bring together the forces of creators, entrepreneurs, developers, investors, enthusiasts and even those looking to dip their toes into the crypto world.

To keep everyone posted, we’ve put together a list of upcoming crypto and Web 3 events in 2022. As more details are announced, we will be updating this list over time.

Skyline of Denver, Colorado Beyond a Green Park. Photo by © Darryl Brooks –


Ethereum Denver (11-20 February)

Ethereum Denver (also known as ETHDenver) is a member-owned Community Innovation Festival located in Denver, CO. It’s also the first event-based DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organization) in the world.

Situated in the mountainous landscape of Colorado, the goal of ETHDenver is to “bring diverse creativity around a common purpose” and empower participants to “shape this new world, while cementing the Rocky Mountain region and the State of Colorado as a thriving hub of Ethereum and blockchain innovation.”

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ETHRio (14-17 March)

Located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Ethereum Rio (ETHRio) is planned to be a “gateway for international blockchain projects in the Latin American region.”

With a goal to make Rio de Janeiro a regional Web3 hub, ETHRio hopes to build a successful place for communities to meet, serve as a starting point for blockchain projects and connect with an international network.

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Avalanche Summit (22-27 March)

The week-long Avalanche Summit will take place this March at the Poble Espanyol in  Barcelona, Spain. More details TBA.

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NFT.LAND (22-25 March)

Based in Las Vegas, NV, NFT.Land will be sponsored by TokenSmart and take place at Caesar’s Forum. Here, like-minded individuals from across the world — including artists, collectors, developers and entrepreneurs — can gather to discover and share knowledge on NFTs.

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DeFiCon (25-26 March)

A non-profit conference, DeFiCon will take place this March in Brooklyn, NY. Here, all innovators and crypto-enthusiasts are invited to hear from “top protocols, investors, activists, creatives, builders and more.”

All proceeds from DeFiCon will also be donated to charity, all while also helping to unify the crypto community within one space.

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ETHDubai (29-31 March)

Based in Dubai, UAE, ETHDubai invites all passionate devs and contributors to join over anything related to Ethereum, DeFi, NFTs, EVM scaling, gaming and decentralisation/community-related projects. Attendees can expect to see great speakers, workshops for both experts and beginners and a surplus of awesome social events.

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NFT | LA (28-31 March)

This March, NFT | LA will combine immersive metaverse integrations, a large conference event and LA’s energetic nightlife scene to create “one integrated conference experience.” With a panel of over 50 confirmed NFT, Web3 and culture pioneers, it’s expected to be one of the largest NFT events of the year.

The 4-day event will also be split into three respective settings — a daytime conference event, a nighttime event and a metaverse event for those who can’t make it IRL.

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View of Paris from the tourist level on Montparnasse. Photo by © Radoslaw Maciejewski –


Non-Fungible Conference (4-5 April)

With The Sandbox listed as one of its co-editors, Non-Fungible Conference is poised to be one of the biggest European NFT events this year. This highly-anticipated 2-day event will allow spots for up to 1500 attendees, over 100 talks and panels and 4 content tracks. 

Attendees can also attend various talks, panels, workshops and experiences that will “bring together artists, projects, platforms, collectors and investors from the global NFT community.”

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Celo Connect (4-5 April)

Celo Connect will be held at the Llotja de Mar de Barcelona this year in Barcelona, Spain.

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ETHPortland (7-9 April)

Located in Portland, OR, ETHPortland brings together ETH folks from the Northwest. This year’s event will feature a large panel of speakers from Coinbase, Hummingbot and other reputed crypto/NFT platforms.

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Paris NFT Day (12 April)

This year marks the first edition of Paris NFT Day at Station F — the world’s biggest startup campus in Paris, France. This event is “community-oriented to spread the word, help educate and onboard newcomers”, in addition to serving as a place for those in the NFT community to meet, exchange ideas and build friendships.

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Paris Blockchain Week Summit (13-14 April)

As the flagship event of Paris Blockchain Week, the Paris Blockchain Week Summit will bring together more than 3000 attendees, 70 sponsors, 250 speakers and 100 media partners.

This 2-day event will feature sessions about leveraging blockchain, traceability, digital governance, international regulatory cooperation and much more. It will also feature renowned speakers from top blockchain and digital asset companies, where industry leaders will share stories and insights on the market and its future prospects.

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ETHAmsterdam / devconnect (18-25 April)

ETHAmsterdam will take place this April in Amsterdam, Netherlands. More details TBA.

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Also based this year in Amsterdam, devconnect is a week-long, in-person gathering featuring independent Ethererum events. The event’s focus is on depth-first gatherings, rather than size-focused events — with an overall aim to bring the Ethereum community together through more close-knit, small-group sessions. These events will be hosted by a range of leading experts in these domains.

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Alliance Summit 2022 (20-21 April)

Based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, the Alliance Summit focuses on the next wave of innovation in the crypto gaming community. This event aims to bring the community together, calling on all creators, builders and operators to “ideate, share knowledge and collectively envision” what the future of crypto gaming will look like in Web 3.

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FOMOLAND (21-22 April)

FOMOLAND is set to be one of Europe’s biggest NFT events this year. Based at the Hotel Sempachersee in Nottwill, Switzerland, this exciting event will bring together leaders in the NFT creation and technology space — all within the heart of the metaverse.

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spaghettETH (3-8 May)

This May, spaghettETH welcomes “developers, entrepreneurs, creatives, PAs, regulators and newbies” into Italy’s first dedicated Ethereum event. This event looks forward to bringing together the Italian crypto community, allowing both speakers and attendees to build “new bridges for a decentralised, more efficient and transparent future.”

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BlockSplit (17-18 May)

Located in Split, Croatia, BlockSplit brings together blockchain startups, developers, researchers, investors, marketeers, designers and more. With spaces for up to 300+ participants and 30+ speakers, attendees will have the opportunity to experience insightful talks about blockchain technology, both technical and non-technical workshops and other fun, collaborative opportunities.

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Permissionless (17-19 May)

Based in sunny Palm Beach, FL, Permissionless (in partnership with Bankless) will be an event to remember — with an assemblage of yachts, food vendors, refreshments, bar crawls, street parties and other exciting ways for those in the wider community to meet, celebrate, exchange ideas and create lasting memories. Here, some of the biggest names in the industry will speak on topics ranging from the metaverse, NFTs, gaming, institutional adoption and much more.

The conference will be organized into three separate tracks to serve a diverse mix of builders, developers, artists, gamers and investors.

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Prague – Charles Bridge, Czech Republic. Photo by © TTstudio –


UTXO.22 (4-5 June)

Based in Gabriel Loci, Prague, Czech Republic, UTXO.22 is an open community cryptocurrency conference that will take place this June. This exciting 2-day event will feature 50+ lectures, 100 hours of content and spaces for up to 1000 visitors.

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ETHPrague (10-12 June)

Organized by the Institute of Cryptoanarchy, the ETHPrague hackathon will take place in idyllic Prague, Czech Republic. The aim of this event is to “tackle challenges that will arise in the next decade”, under the belief that Ethereum will play a major role in solving them. 

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ETH Montreal (14-23 June)

Based in Montreal, Canada, Ethereum Montreal (ETH Montreal) aims to “help build a strong, collaborative community of developers and entrepreneurs.” The event hopes to focus on building decentralised applications, demos and presentations of Ethereum projects, as well as hackathons and critical dialogue about blockchain technology and its future potential.

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NFT.NYC (21-23 June)

NFT.NYC is an event you won’t want to miss. Cited as one of the first “major” NFT conferences in the world by the New York Times and TIME Magazine, it may just be the event to splurge on attending in 2022.

NFT.NYC will include spots for up to 5,500 attendees and 135 sponsors — including industry leaders such as OpenSea, Coinbase, Polygon and many more.

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ETHNewYork (24-26 June)

ETHNewYork will host the greater Web 3 community of New York City. More details TBA.


ETHSeattle (8 July)

This July, ETHSeattle will take place in Seattle, WA. Upcoming speakers include the COO of Sandbox, the Head of Growth at ConFund, the Founder of Gitcoin and many more. More information TBA in the coming months!

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ETHBarcelona (TBD)

Based in Barcelona, Spain, ETHBarcelona aims to combine “art, altruism, activism and blockchain.” The event is currently accepting applications from sponsors, speakers and volunteers. Additional details TBA.

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Metaverse Summit (16-17 July)

This summer, the Metaverse Summit will be held in Paris, France. Builders, entrepreneurs, investors and experts from the fields of gaming, 3D design, VFX, VR, AR and Web 3 are all invited to share insights, build friendships and collaborate.

This exciting 2-day event will feature a range of activities — including talks and workshops — that aim to cover different subjects related to the future of the metaverse and Web 3. Each of these activities will be hosted by top entrepreneurs and leading industry experts.

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ETHCC (19-21 July)

Paris is the place to be this summer. Located at the Maison de la Mutualitie in Paris, France, the fifth iteration of the Ethereum Community Conference will take place this July. It is the largest annual European Ethereum event, with the main focus on technology and community.

Attendees of this non-profit, 3-day event can expect to increase their knowledge through a long list of conferences, workshops and important networking and learning opportunities.

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DeFi Security Summit (27-28 August)

Set to be held later this summer at the Paul & Mildred Berg Hall at Stanford University, the first annual DeFi Security Summit seeks to unite the crypto community to learn more about DeFi — a “merging suite of applications for decentralised asset management over blockchain technology.” 

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Lisbon, Portugal skyline with Sao Jorge Castle. Photo by © TTstudio –


Web Summit 2022 (1-4 November)

Cited as one of the world’s premier tech conferences, Web Summit 2022 will be held this November in Lisbon, Portugal. Partnered with 200+ sponsors, Web Summit allows up to 42,000+ attendees, 850+ investors and 1,500+ startups.

This year, several industry leaders in the crypto, NFT and blockchain spaces are set to attend. Notable speakers from last year’s event include Nicolas Cary (founder and CEO of, Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen, actress/comedian Amy Poehler, Black Lives Matter co-founder Ayo Tometi and many more.

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ETH San Francisco (4-6 November)

ETH San Francisco is touted as the world’s largest Ethereum hackathon, providing an opportunity for attendees to “work alongside the developers, industry experts, advisors and companies who are making the infrastructure and applications that will power the new decentralised web.”

This 2-day event will also feature speakers from leading platforms such as Coinbase, Ethereum Foundation and many more.

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DevCon Bogota (Q4)

Set to be featured this year in Bogota, Colombia, DevCon is an exciting Ethereum conference for “developers, researchers, thinkers and makers” to come together. Further details TBA.

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Stay tuned for more!

So, which events are you most excited about this year? Or which ones will you be attending? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

We’ve also heard about more conferences coming up in the future. To stay informed, be sure to have a look at our public spreadsheet (which we’ll be updating regularly).