Deadness Brings February Chills to PC VR

There’s been a real dearth of new virtual reality (VR) horror videogames of late, which is a shame because there’s nothing quite like getting scared shitless in VR. Coming to the rescue this month is Deadness, a monster-filled scare-fest that certainly looks like it’s got terrifying potential.


Set in an old research facility where some horrible events have taken place, Deadness is a tense, atmospheric horror where survival is more about careful expiration and hiding; rather than shooting everything in sight.

Developer ALIEN Studio has released some haunting screenshots, a couple of which show the ability to use weapons. However, how useful they actually are across the entire game remains to be seen as the team states one gameplay detail: “Trying to hide from the undead will make your heart race and take your breath away because you cannot kill what is already dead.” So hanging around trying to pop a few heads might not be the best tactic.

Visually, Deadness certainly looks the part. The research facility looks grim and very unwelcoming with hands emerging from walls and corpses strung up to ceilings. Just on the aesthetics alone Deadness could be one of the most frightening VR titles to emerge this year.


Deadness also employs one other major gameplay component that should ramp up the atmosphere, you’re sat in a wheelchair the entire time. Just like last years’ A Wake Inn, in Deadness you have to physically manoeuvre yourself around the facility, meaning you either stay still to shoot or use both hands to get out of harm’s way.

Whilst this can help increase the tension as well as provide an intuitive control scheme, as A Wake Inn proved if the mechanic isn’t executed correctly it can become more frustrating than scary as the game progresses. You can see the wheelchair movement mechanic in action in the video below.

You won’t have too long to wait to find out. ALIEN studio plans on releasing Deadness for Valve Index and HTC Vive via Steam and Viveport on 22nd February 2022. For continued updates on the latest VR horror titles, keep reading gmw3.