Meta Rolls out 3D Avatars Across its Apps

Whether it’s a videogame or the metaverse, avatars are an essential part of the whole process allowing users to create their own digital self; lifelike or not. Today, Meta has announced a new update to its avatar system rolling out its 3D avatars across Facebook, Instagram (Stories and DM), and Messenger.

Meta Avatar Visual Updates
Image credit: Meta

Having released more expressive virtual reality (VR) avatars almost a year ago, Meta’s other platforms are getting the avatar treatment. So you can create one avatar and use it across all of Meta aforementioned apps as it continues implementing its metaverse vision. Make a new Facebook profile pic or pop yourself on a sticker, for example.

The avatars will feature a limited rollout, to begin with, available to users in the US, Canada and Mexico. Today’s launch also adds more options to make Meta’s avatars even more inclusive. Wheelchairs, cochlear implants and over-the-ear hearing aids (for one or both ears) have been added.

You’ll also notice a general refinement in the avatar design. Facial shapes and skin shaders have been tweaked so you can create a more accurate digital you. This isn’t a flatscreen update either, the VR version is getting the same improvements.

Instagram Super Bowl Avatars
Image credit: Meta

“We’re updating Meta avatars with a lot more expressions, faces and skin tones, as well as wheelchairs and hearing aids,” said Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a statement. “We’re starting to experiment with digital clothing too, including official NFL shirts you can wear for the Super Bowl. You can use your avatar across Quest, Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. One day you’ll have multiple avatars ranging from expressive to photorealistic. Looking forward to sharing more soon.”

When it comes to those NFL shirts, they’re available until 28th February in three flavours. The two Super Bowl LVI contenders branded shirts for the dedicated fans and a neutral shirt for those who just like to watch American Football.

As for the wider rollout, Meta says the update will be globally available in the next few months. For continued updates keep reading gmw3.