First Gameplay Trailer for Star Wars: Squadrons Unveils Modes, Upgrades & More

Star Wars: Squadrons

This week has been dominated by EA’s Star Wars: Squadrons news, from the fact that it’ll be cross-platform to the entire experience being VR compatible there’s plenty to look forward to. To whet that appetite even further a gameplay trailer has been released detailing plenty about the title.

Star Wars: Squadrons

While the first reveal trailer at the beginning of the week certainly set the scene it was purely cinematic footage, very flashy but without showcasing what the player would see. Now you get to see inside some of the spaceships you’ll be flying this October and all the intricate components and displays vital for a successful mission.

The trailer first discusses the single-player portion of Star Wars: Squadrons, how you’ll step into the shoes of both New Republic and Imperial pilots, with it’s story set after Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. This isn’t the core experience however, that’s left for the multiplayer portion.

Offering team-based 5v5 battles, there are four ships classes to chose from: Fighter, Interceptor, Support and Bomber, each having unique attributes for particular missions. There will be a Dogfight Mode for those who love to test their skills in the fastest craft, while Battle Fleet is a three stage mode where players have to defend or attack. Ending with either destroying or saving the giant carriers.

Star Wars: Squadrons

Also detailed were the customisation options which players can unlock as they progress. These range from aesthetical changes like changing your ship’s colour or your character’s race to improving the core components of the ship; adding new missiles, a different deflector shield and much more.

Let’s also mention how good Star Wars: Squadrons looks, whether that’s against a carrier in space or dogfighting in the clouds of a gas giant. The action looks intense and exactly what you’d hope for from this type of videogame.

Star Wars: Squadrons will feature support and cross-platform gameplay between PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, while on the VR side PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, Valve Index and HTC Vive headsets are included. The videogame has a launch date of 2nd October 2020 with pre-orders already available. For further updates on Star Wars: Squadrons, keep reading VRFocus.