Team-Based Adventure Ghost Patrol VR Will Appear in Arcades Later This Month

Ghost Patrol VR

The location-based entertainment (LBE) industry has suffered during the coronavirus lockdown but that hasn’t stopped companies preparing for when these measures ease up. This week Developer CrazyBunch and publisher Vertigo Arcades have announced a new arcade title set to begin rolling out to arcades this month, Ghost Patrol VR.

Ghost Patrol VR

Like a lot of specialised VR arcade experiences Ghost Patrol VR provides team-based gameplay for a colourful yet spooky adventure. Players have to make their way through a haunted mansion where the hallways move and so does the furniture.

Armed with Hue Blasters, players can detect the ghosts with a torch then blast them with the gun, making sure the colour of the ghost matches the gun. The action element will be complimented by puzzle sections where players will have to move hallways and activate platforms by charging mysterious orbs.

Supporting teams of four, they’ll have to work together defeating the giant Ghost King to complete the 20 minute experience. There’s also a competitive edge as high scores will be awarded at the end, noting how many ghosts each player shot.

Ghost Patrol VR

Ghost Patrol VR will be made available to VR arcades worldwide from 30th June as more locations begin to reopen. Vertigo Arcades launched a relief initiative to help those businesses by offering extended payment terms, license extensions and other forms of aid to partner arcades.  

The company’s outlook for the LBE industry remains positive: “We are ready to help boost back up this industry full of creativity and innovation with the right collaboration and support,” says Mário Gonçalves, Account Manager at Vertigo Arcades in a statement.

As for parent company Vertigo Games, the publisher announced this week that Traffic Jams would be coming to multiple headsets including PlayStation VR, Oculus Quest and PC VR in September 2020.

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