PlayStation VR’s Paper Beast is Coming to PC This Summer

Paper Beast

PlayStation VR has had some very good exclusives on the platform, some of which have made the transition to other virtual reality (VR) headsets but most don’t. One that will is Paper Beast, with developer Pixel Reef announcing today that a PC VR release is coming this summer.

Paper Beast

One of the more unique and unusual videogames to arrive this year, Paper Beast comes from the imagination of Eric Chahi (Another World, From Dust). Envisioning a world formed from decades of lost code and algorithms inside the vast memory of a data server, Paper Beast is a surreal world where you can explore, interact with the local wildlife and solve environmental puzzles – all without any text or verbal hints.

In addition to the main adventure, mode players can continue to experience Paper Beast having complete control over the landscape in the sandbox mode. Here you can create your own living breathing world, building mountains, running rivers, altering the weather and adding the various creatures and plants.

“I’m super excited that we can finally talk about the PC version of Paper Beast!”, says Chahi, founder of Pixel Reef in a statement. “The initial reaction to the PlayStation 4 version by both the fans and the critics was beyond what we could have imagined, so we really can’t wait to make the game available for VR players on PC. Besides, we had a really fun time going back into development and adding a bunch of cool new surprises to this version of Paper Beast.”

Paper Beast

Further enhancing the experience, these new features include continuous move support – the PlayStation VR version only had teleportation – upgraded visuals, an expanded sandbox mode, more animals, plants and items as well as gameplay tweaks.

VRFocus found in its review of Paper Beast that: “Paper Beast offers PlayStation VR an exclusive experience like no other, a beautiful statement on the natural world and the influence technology can have on it.”

Paper Beast is scheduled to arrive this summer for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and other SteamVR headsets. As further details on the PC VR release arise, VRFocus will let you know.