Osso VR to Bring Film-Quality Detail to its VR Surgical Training Platform

Osso VR - headset

Virtual reality (VR) training platforms need a high level of detail to ensure that they can accurately teach users. This goes double for healthcare-focused solutions so trainees can learn highly specialised skills. Today, surgical training platform Osso VR has announced the rollout of a new experience to further increase the visual quality of its product, achieving lifelike detail in the process.

Osso VR

To improve the visual fidelity of not only anatomical details of patients but also medical tools and the operating environment, Osso VR has assembled a team from the videogame and film industries. The medical illustration team includes alums from Electronic Arts, Microsoft, and Apple, as well as Oscar-winning art director Jonathan Sabella (Marvel, Star Wars).

As the images showcase, the level of detail looks exceptional – and certainly not for the squeamish – from the blood around the knee to the lighting which gives the skin that realistic sheen.

“Osso VR’s team is lightning in a bottle. A once in a lifetime team of leading engineers, artists and educators who have dedicated their careers to optimizing patient safety. This group of Oscar and Emmy award winners bring an experience that is accurate, engaging, and educational making a significant impact on the adoption of our clinically validated platform,“ said Justin Barad MD, CEO and Co-Founder of Osso VR in a statement.

Osso VR

“We’ve reached a level of detail in the anatomy, surgical tools, and the OR environment within the platform that was not previously possible. This will improve our ability to accomplish our mission, improving patient outcomes, driving the adoption of high-value technologies and democratizing access to surgical education globally,” Barad adds.

Designed for surgeons, sales teams and other trainees, Osso VR’s training platform is currently employed by over 20 teaching hospitals and eight medical device companies in 20 countries since it was founded in 2016.

Surgical training – especially when used remotely – is being pioneered by several companies, not just Osso VR. VRFocus has previously reported on developments with Precision OS as well as FundamentalVR this year, as the sector adopts new devices like Oculus Quest. For further updates from this VR sector, keep reading VRFocus.