Pico Neo 2 & Neo 2 Eye Standalone Headsets go on Sale

Pico Neo 2

With a lot of people working from home and companies looking for new ways of connecting employees remotely, virtual reality (VR) has become a handy tool. While there are numerous headsets available, standalone devices are ideal for their ease of use and flexibility. Today, Pico Interactive has officially launched its latest range to help facilitate enterprise VR engagement via its Neo 2 and Neo 2 Eye headsets.

Pico Neo 2
Pico Neo 2. Image credit Pico Interactive

Designed with business users in mind, both headsets feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, 4K resolution, six degrees of freedom tracking (6DoF), two front-facing cameras, a 75Hz refresh rate and 128GB of storage. Thanks to Boundless XR they can also stream content from a VR Ready PC as well as select existing PC VR platforms.

The main difference between the two is the Neo 2 Eye’s built-in Tobii eye-tracking – making the headset 20g heavier. This is ideal for companies wishing to collect user data to enhance training efficiency or improve productivity for example. Having eye-tracking included also means dynamic foveated rendering, improving graphics and battery performance.

To aid comfort over longer sessions, the Pico Neo range has been balanced so that the headsets aren’t front-heavy like Oculus Quest. The rear of the device houses components like the battery for even weight distribution.

Pico Neo 2 Eye
Pico Neo 2 Eye. Image credit Pico Interactive

“We believe the Neo 2 line is helping us achieve our goal to deliver the best standalone VR hardware with AAA enterprise service and options for business,” said Henry Zhou, CEO of Pico Interactive in a statement. “Our hardware is quickly becoming the preferred devices for leading companies in medical, training, marketing and location-based entertainment verticals. We’ve partnered with some great companies to not only help professionals in their day-to-day across a variety of industries but also in times of crisis.”

While Pico partnered with Tobii on the hardware side the company also teamed up with Mozilla to bring its latest Firefox Reality web browser to the platform.

The Pico Neo 2 retails for $699 USD while the Neo 2 Eye is $899. As these are enterprise-focused, the headsets will only be sold directly to companies with enquiries place via the Pico website. For further updates on the latest Pico news, keep reading VRFocus.