Budget Cuts for PlayStation VR Delayed Until July

Budget Cuts - Combat

A couple of months ago Neat Corporation revealed that its first virtual reality (VR) title Budget Cuts would finally be making its way to PlayStation VR in May. Alas, that is no longer the case, as like many developers the studio is feeling the effect of the coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

Neat Corporation released the above statement this week on Twitter, noting that the difficulties working from home have impeded porting the title in the desired time frame. As people have expressed on the social media site, it’s better to take longer creating a polished project in the process rather than rushing things.

And by the sounds of it the PlayStation VR port of Budget Cuts should greatly benefit from the teams experience creating the sequel. The studio mentioned last week that ‘significant advancements’ were made regarding performance with Budget Cuts 2, in turn helping Budget Cuts.

Designed as a stealth experience where you can hide in the ceiling or pop out of air vents as you infiltrate a mega-conglomerate called TransCorp. You’re not a spy, merely a former employee who has found out everyone is being replaced by robots. So as you duck and dive through the hospital clean hallways you’ll need to either avoid or take down hostile robot guards with anything to hand, from knives to scissors.

One of the most notable features of Budget Cuts was its teleportation system. Rather than casually hopping about the place, you have a teleportation gun which fires a blue orb through doors or narrow passageways. Before moving you can scope the area for hostiles, great for looking around corners, cancelling the move if the area isn’t clear.

You may have to wait a little while for Budget Cuts but there’s plenty of other content to keep your PlayStation VR busy. The Walking Dead: Saint & Sinners has just arrived, Gorn is arriving later this month and so is Pixel Ripped 1995. Plus Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series has been confirmed for a summer release.

With plenty going on for PlayStation VR owners, VRFocus will keep you all continually updated with the latest news.