The Wizards – Dark Times to Conjure a PC VR Launch in June

The Wizards - Dark Times

Carbon Studio’s original sorcery title The Wizards offered engaging gameplay thanks to its gesture-based gameplay. Today, the developer has announced that followup The Wizards – Dark Times is nearing completion, ready for a launch in June.

The Wizards - Dark Times

Debuting for the first time at Gamescom 2019, The Wizards – Dark Times continues the franchises flair for gesture-based magic, where players have to learn and master 11 individually designed spells which can only be cast with their hands.

These allow players to control the elements, freezing foes where they stand or setting them on fire. While other spells will allow players to cast defensive shields and other useful additions to aid in battle.

While The Wizards – Dark Times was initially developed to be a standalone expansion Carbon Studio then decided to make it a fully-fledged sequel instead. The team also wanted to expand the adventure element for a greater RPG feel, doing away with the magical barriers from the original that forced you into defeating every enemy before moving on.

The Wizards - Dark Times

“Since Gamescom 2019, where the Dark Times’ press demo received overwhelming praise, we decided to extend the scale of the project. We made sure our spellcasting adventure will keep everyone slinging fireballs and roleplaying as the Emperor for hours, without any pesky magical barriers that slow your progress,” said Jakub Pander, Carbon Studio’s producer in a statement.

VRFocus said in its preview at the time: “From what’s been shown so far The Wizards – Dark Times is definitely on track to offer an even more engaging experience than before. The spell casting works well, the environments look great, and the monsters put up a fight. So hopefully things are only going to get better, just so long as there’s a hefty campaign to back it all up.”

Supporting Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Valve Index, The Wizards – Dark Times will be available on Oculus Store and Steam from 4th June, retailing for $24.99 USD.

After the launch, Carbon Studio has confirmed that it’ll release a series of content updates to expand upon the gameplay experience. As further details on The Wizards – Dark Times are released VRFocus will let you know.