Gorn Will Soon Arrive for PlayStation VR

GORN - Key Art_Hero

It’s been a good day for PlayStation VR owners. Earlier saw Pixel Ripped 1995 release dates announced and now it’s the turn of brutal arena brawler Gorn.

GORN - Screen 5

After developer Free Lives said back in September 2019 that gladiator sim would see a launch that winter, the team has now confirmed a launch date, putting Gorn a couple of weeks away.

Gorn made a name for itself thanks to the videogame’s over-the-top violence, pitting players against waves of enemies who can be smashed to pieces. An assortment of weapons are at their disposal from knives and axes through to maces, bows and much more. All helping them easily decapitate, dismember and slice opponents to survive.

All the weapons have been designed to have their own feel and weight. “To create the sensation of weight, we added wobbliness to the weapons so that players can see the impact of gravity and various other forces on their shapes,” said Adone Kitching, Producer, Free Lives via PlayStation Blog. “Wobbly weapons have become a signature GORN aesthetic, and we’re pretty happy about that.”


The gameplay is designed so players can adapt on the fly, picking up dropped weapons, using bodies as shields or a severed arm to attack. If players are really quick, they can even catch arrows mid-air. Plus there are environmental obstacles which can be employed.

Brought to PlayStation VR thanks to a partnership between Free Lives, Devolver Digital and 24Bit Games, all the blood and gore can be turned down thanks to Gorn’s Pinata Mode. Gladiators are turned into paper mâché with their heads exploding with candy.

Reviewing Gorn for PC VR, VRFocus said: “It is stupid, and over the top on almost every level yet it’ll still put a smile of most players faces. Additionally, GORN will help you lose two things, time and calories. You’ll find that one fight will turn into ten, and you’ll be a sweaty mess from all that arm swinging. If you want something deep and thought-provoking go read a book, for everyone else there’s GORN.”

Gorn is now slated to arrive for PlayStation VR on 19th May 2020. For further updates to the experience, keep readng VRFocus.