Talespin’s Latest Training Series ‘Leading Through Uncertainty’ Helps Leaders Navigate Times of Crisis

Talespin - Leading Through Uncertainty

Last month VRFocus reported on training solution specialist Talespin securing new investment, helping expand deployment. Today, the company has announced its latest training modules under the banner of ‘Leading Through Uncertainty,’ designed to help companies navigate difficult scenarios in times of crisis.

Due to the impact the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is having on businesses and the workforce, Talespin has tailored these new modules towards CEO’s, team leaders and other executives.

Utilizing role play with virtual human avatars the ‘Leading Through Uncertainty’ helps users practice key communication skills to deal with today’s challenging situation. These skills include active listening, understanding and empathizing with employees, de-escalation, succinct communication, and self-awareness. 

The five ‘Leading Through Uncertainty’ Learning modules are:

  • Part I: Creating Calmness Through Succinct Communication
  • Part II: Regulating Emotions During Uncertain Times
  • Part III: Communicating Productively with a Distraught Employee
  • Part IV: De-Escalating an Emotionally Charged Situation
  • Part V: Disagreeing Productively During Challenging Times
Talespin - Leading Through Uncertainty

“The COVID-19 pandemic has sent every organization into a period of self-reflection as we ask ourselves: what we can do right now to better take care of our people and customers,” said Talespin CEO and Co-Founder Kyle Jackson in a statement. “We saw ‘Leading Through Uncertainty’ as a way to help organizations take a people-first approach to their business operations, enabling them to leverage XR, one of the most impactful learning and empowerment technologies we’ve ever seen, to better prepare their leaders and teams. COVID-19 has forced us all to face workforce disruption on an accelerated timeline, with remote work, talent gaps, digital transformation, and other ‘future of work’ trends now present as mission-critical challenges, and we’ve designed our platform and our company from the beginning to answer these disruptions.”

The learning modules will be available across both virtual reality (VR) and desktop platforms via Talespin Runway and Cornerstone Ondemand. Runway has a range of other modules such as insurance-specific VR training for areas like water damage or physical car damage.

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