Mozilla’s Hubs Cloud for AWS Allows Companies to Create Branded Social Spaces

Hubs Cloud

Mozilla release browser-based social platform Hubs back in 2018 allowing anyone to create rooms and share content. This week the company has rolled out an enterprise-focused version for Amazon Web Services (AWS) called Hubs Cloud so organisations can create their own social locations dependant on need.

Hubs Cloud

Offered as an Early Access product on AWS, Hubs Cloud provides the same underlying architecture as Hubs; being able to build social spaces for a range of use cases, whether that’s industrial or educational, just this time through their AWS account.

That means companies and other organisations can operate immersive spaces for their own private or public use, with highly customisable options for branding and styling, security as well as media. They can also create a custom version of the software to add unique features and functionality.

Hubs Cloud is still compatible with the same avatars and scenes from Hubs for quick and simple setups before users delve further into the usability features. From there they can upload their own 3D content to build a platform catering to their needs.

Hubs Cloud

The service is available in Personal and Enterprise editions, the former providing a smaller instance size and limits to system-wide scalability to keep costs lower. Both versions offer the same features, while billing is based on hourly metering and the instance sizes used. Plus a cost estimation calculator is available so companies know how much to budget for.

Hubs Cloud is compatible with a range of devices thanks to its web-based format, from VR headsets to desktop PC’s and mobile devices, so anyone can connect. It’s very much like hosting your own 2D website but in 3D, providing versatility and scalability, opening up immersive VR content even further.

As Mozilla continues to expand its web-based VR offerings from Hubs to Firefox Reality, VRFocus will keep you updated.