Budget Cuts 2: Mission Insolvency’s Latest Update is all About Performance

Budget Cuts 2

If being stuck in your home all day has any benefits then its the excuse to play new videogames or revisit previously played ones. Neat Corporation and Fast Travel Games only released Budget Cuts 2: Mission Insolvency in December 2020 and whether you have or haven’t played it, today’s performance update and sale may make the title an enticing one. 

Budget Cuts 2

“During the development of BC2 we made significant advancements regarding performance compared to BC1. Despite this, some users were reporting bad performance, so we started digging even further for this update. The primary problem has been CPU performance, so we’ve reworked a couple parts entirely in order to bring CPU usage down further, as well as utilize a rendering feature we had previously overlooked. We did also fix a few bugs and add a couple new mutators along the way,” notes Fast Travel Games’ CMO Andreas Juliusson in a statement.

If you’ve not played either, the Budget Cuts series is a comedy infused stealth experience involving knives, a unique teleportation gun, squeezing into ventilation systems (and other small spaces) and a deadly bow. While being sneaky is encouraged you can still opt for action if you so wish.

Budget Cuts 2Budget Cuts 2 changelog:

  • New Mutators!
    • Mutator: Smooth turning (replaces snap-turning when enabled)
    • Mutator: Unarmed Supervisors
    • Mutator: Fragile knives and arrows
    • Mutator: Translocator launch force
    • Mutator: Stealth Translocator (brings back stealth translocations from BC1)
  • Windows Mixed Reality controller mesh
  • Distance grabbing improvements
  • Some distance interactions (swipe cards at a distance and more)
  • Multithreaded AI vision system rewrite
  • Single Pass Instanced Rendering
  • Multithreaded custom physics force calculations
  • Conductor scene significant performance improvements
  • Skyscraper scene savegame bugfix
  • Flattened hierarchies in scenes for performance boost
  • Controller optimizations
  • Physics optimizations
  • Spectator screen no longer has a border and takes up the full screen
  • Items no longer pile up at world origin on load (in certain scenes)
  • Checkpoints now immediately save the status of the game, fixing various save game bugs
  • Inventory stability fixes, no more invisible items
  • Unarmed state improvements for Supervisors
  • More accurate shot leading for Supervisors when using higher Aim skill mutators
  • Unity updated to 2018.4.21 (brings draw call optimizations and more)

Supporting Oculus Rift/Rift S, HTC Vive and Valve Index, Budget Cuts 2: Mission Insolvency is available on Oculus Store and Steam, with both platforms offering a 45 percent discount for a limited time. For all the latest Budget Cuts 2: Mission Insolvency updates, keep reading VRFocus.