Dark Curry Eyes Q2 2020 Window for Undead Citadel Launch

Undead Citadel

Last summer in the many halls that encompass Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, VRFocus came across indie developer Dark Curry demoing for the very first time a medieval adventure called Undead CitadelThe studio held a closed alpha last year but there has been little in the way of updates since. But a Steam listing now puts the launch very near.

Undead Citadel

As the name suggests Undead Citadel is a zombie-filled fight through a fantasy world set in a time of swords, knights and a lot of monsters. Offering a story where you play a battle-weary soldier who finds themself in the middle of a plague which creates hordes of undead creatures, there are over 10 levels to complete as you look for the source.

These aren’t your normal brain ravenous zombies either, as they can use swords, bows, axes and other weapons to stop you in your tracks. So you can fight back with an assortment of more than 60 weapons, from single-handed rapiers to two-handed broadswords, while bows, arrows and explosives help to deal ranged damage.

As with a lot of virtual reality (VR) titles at the moment – Boneworks, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – whether they’re fantasy-themed or not realistic weapon handling is a big part of the experience. Undead Citadel prioritizes 1:1 movement to give players as much combat control as possible, simulating physics when they slash, stab or simply destabilize opponents. This is used in conjunction with weapon stats like damage and durability so that players have to continually assess which favourites to keep or throw away.

Undead Citadel

As well as all those classic medieval weapons players can also make use of potions to give themselves an advantage, augmenting their strength, freezing enemies or making them move in slow motion.

In addition to the story mode, Dark Curry will also provide players with a Horde Mode to take on endless waves, with online leaderboards. There will also be an Armory where players can test all the weapons they’ve found in the previously mentioned modes in a sandbox environment.

Undead Citadel is listed on Steam to arrive Q2 2020 which means the next couple of months hopefully. A PlayStation VR version is also in the works but it’s unclear if this will see the same launch window. As Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has been delaying several titles more might be pushed back. When VRFocus has further details we’ll let you know.