Pistol Whip’s “Dark Skies” Update Adds new Scene, Guns & More

Pistol Whip - Dark Skies

Ever since Cloudhead Games released rhythm action title Pistol Whip late last year the studio has rolled out a new update each month, adding a new scene (track) as well as other enhancements. Last month it was ‘Full Throttle’ and today sees the launch of ‘Dark Skies’. 

Just like the previous updates ‘Dark Skies’ has a theme, a 194X alternate history scene set in a dieselpunk dirigible. The team says the scene: “draws action inspiration from the classic airship scene in Ninja Gaiden, as well as the visual stylings of Rocketeer, Sky Captain, and The First Avenger.”

In addition to the new playable content, the update also features the Antiques Collection offering three new wartime pistols and a new metal finish for all weapons, plus further polish to the whole experience.

Cloudhead Games notes that May’s update will be the last of the monthly feature rollouts as the studio looks towards its longterm roadmap for Pistol Whip. A major update is planned for later in the year with a look to adding new scenes, new modifiers, and new ways to play, as development continues to expand the gameplay, providing greater player choice.

Pistol Whip - Dark Skies

Pistol Whip was designed as a non-stop action shooter inspired by the likes of John Wick. You can choose to shoot or melee enemies whilst dodging incoming bullets like a movie badass, all to a thumping soundtrack and some intense visuals. On hand are a selection of modifiers helping to change the gameplay, adding dual-wield weapons or removing the aim assist to increase the score multiplier. VRFocus gave Pistol Whip a solid four-stars in its review, noting: “Pistol Whip is huge amounts of fun even on the easiest difficulty setting, suitable for VR players no matter their skill level.

Pistol Whip – Dark Skies is available now, compatible with Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, HTC Vive and Valve Index headsets.  VRFocus will continue its coverage of Pistol Whip, reporting back as further updates are announced.