SeekXR’s new Teaching Platform Seek Education is Free Until June

Parents across the world are having to educate their children at home for the foreseeable future and as VRFocus reported yesterday, there are immersive companies like VictoryXR looking to help in that endeavour. Today, SeekXR has announced its new platform Seek Education which utilises the power of augmented reality (AR) to encourage interactive learning.

Seek Education

An online platform which teachers can use as a supplemental teaching resource Seek Education is subscription-base,  initially focusing on serving K-12 students. The platform has six core subjects covering today’s curriculum, including anatomy, animals, art, biology, history and physical science. Students then select their desired subject providing them with relevant AR models from the entire solar system to a human DNA strand.

“AR-based learning promotes an engaging educational environment and is changing the way students receive and retain information,” said Head of Seek Education, Parker McDonough in a statement. “Teachers and parents are facing a unique challenge right now trying to educate their children from home and we’re pleased to be able to provide a tool that makes their lives easier while giving children, particularly those who are visual learners, a better way to learn.”

While the current resources are geared towards K—12 students SeekXR plans to expand its content library in the near future, catering to students all the way up to university level. SeekXR also plans on giving those who create 3D models the opportunity to publish them on the platform, sharing in the profit pool based on views.

Seek Education

“Until now, there have been some major barriers to entry for teachers integrating immersive technologies into the classroom – think expensive hardware like headsets and apps which only work on certain platforms, commented Jon Cheney, CEO, and co-founder of SeekXR. “By leveraging SeekXR’s core cross-platform technology and applying it to a new market, we’re able to make educational AR experiences available to everyone on any device.”

Available now, Seek Education is free until the end of June 2020. After that time an individual subscription will cost $3.99 USD per month or $19.99 per month for an entire classroom. VRFocus will continue its coverage of the latest immersive education solutions, reporting back with further announcements.