MyndVR Collaborates With Pico and Littlstar Helping Seniors Combat Social Isolation

For younger generations, the coronavirus lockdown may simply mean being a bit bored at home after binge-watching another Netflix series but for seniors, it can be a lot more daunting. Which is why MyndVR, a health and wellness company for senior citizens, has announced a collaboration with Pico Interactive and Littlstar to help senior care communities across the US combat social isolation.

Civitas Senior Living MyndVR

The spread of COVID-19 has meant many senior living facilities have had to stop friends and family visiting, only allowing key medical personnel inside as those over the age of 60 are more at risk. The knock-on effect of isolation is that this can also have a detrimental effect on seniors health and well-being.

Which is why the three companies have come together to provide senior care communities with a free headset along with training and support. They’ll also get a one-year subscription to the MyndVR network where they can access senior-friendly content.

“We are so grateful to Pico Interactive and Littlstar for teaming up with us to donate this amazing, life-enriching program to seniors in care communities across the country,” said Chris Brickler, CEO of MyndVR in a statement. “It’s important that the AR/VR industry steps up in this isolation crisis, and we plan to deliver MyndVR to communities in need in all 50 states.”

MyndVR - Pico“We are thankful to have this opportunity to partner with MyndVR to deliver 360-degree, immersive VR content directly to seniors across the country who are currently facing social isolation because of Covid-19,” said Littlstar co-founder and CEO Tony Mugavero. “The opportunity to expand the world virtually can bring so much happiness and comfort.”

To ensure hygiene guidelines are kept to part of the training MyndVR provides is how to properly sanitize each headset between uses, via print instructions and video tutorials. The company also supplies alcohol wipes to ensure each location has the necessary equipment.

“We are excited to be part of this initiative, to deploy our headsets to seniors across the country who are dealing with the effects of social isolation,” said Will Winston, Western Sales & Partnerships Director. “Our simple and easy-to-use design makes our hardware some the most durable and sanitizable solutions for virtual reality headsets on the market.”

Those senior care communities interested in finding out more can apply here. MyndVR has also created a GoFundMe page  for anyone interested in contributing and expanding the 50-community donation. For further updates, keep reading VRFocus.