Final Assault Studio Developing New Project For Oculus Quest & PlayStation VR

Last week Phaser Lock Interactive released Final Assault for PlayStation VR, allowing the console players to engage in cross-platform war with PC VR opponents. When VRFocus interviewed the studios’ CEO Michael Daubert he revealed that the porting process to PlayStation 4 hadn’t been easy and that an Oculus Quest version currently wasn’t being considered. However, the studio has other plans in store with a new virtual reality (VR) title in the works.

PlayStation VR third anniversary

Due to the limitations Phaser Lock Interactive encountered when porting Final Assault to PlayStation VR and testing Oculus Quest’s potential, Daubert noted that their next videogame would be looking at these two popular headsets first: “We’re already moving into a new project that we’re in preproduction and the Quest and PlayStation VR are our base models.”

While he wouldn’t go into further details about the new project because it was at an early stage Daubert did discuss the studios’ intentions for maximising the Oculus Quest platform: “Now we’ve had the Quest for some time we’re building from the bottom up, so we’re really taking into account what the Quest is great at, where its power lies and making sure we’re building the systems in the right direction for that optimisation and still delivering high-quality game mechanics and gameplay but understand the limitations of what the Quest has.”

To date, Phaser Lock Interactive has released Final Approach, Final Approach: Pilot Edition, Twisted Arrow and of course  Final Assault. Most of which involve miniature vehicles and some real-time strategy (RTS), so there’s a good chance the team will stick with what they know – who doesn’t love some tabletop VR gaming?

Final Assault

Available for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index, Windows Mixed Reality and now PlayStation VR, VRFocus’ PC review found Final Assault provided hours of entertaining gameplay in both single-player and multiplayer modes: “There’s plenty to love about Final Assault. Providing a leaner less complicated approach to RTS gameplay, most fans of the genre apart from the die-hard stalwarts should find there’s enough depth and reply value to keep coming back for hours on end.”

When Phaser Lock Interactive releases further details about the new project, VRFocus will let you know.