Marvel’s Iron Man VR for PlayStation VR Delayed ‘Until Further Notice’

If you own a PlayStation VR and have been looking forward to Camouflag’s Marvel’s Iron Man VR then here’s some bad news for you, Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has just announced that the videogame has been delayed. Not only that but there are no details of when to.

As you can see from the tweet above, SIE has delayed both Marvel’s Iron Man VR and Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part II citing the coronavirus (COVID-19). What’s especially startling is the fact that its ‘until further notice’ so it could be months before either videogame sees the light of day.

Marvel’s Iron Man VR has seen delay after delay after it was first revealed during SIE’s State of Play broadcast early last year, with a launch originally planned for the end of 2019. Then in October pre-orders went live and the title was pushed back until February 2020. When January came around Camouflaj then announced the delay until 15th May, saying: “In order to deliver on our vision and meet the high expectations of our amazing community we’ve made the difficult decision to move Marvel’s Iron Man VR.”

With a new release date in limbo, SIE has yet to confirm whether pre-orders will continue or be cancelled. As for other PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR titles, SIE issued a follow-up tweet saying: “Currently, there are no other delays to report, but we’ll keep you updated.”

Iron Man VR

While it’s understandable that the physical retail copies are delayed due to manufacturing, apart from a joint release there’s little reason to delay the digital release. In any case, everyone is still going to have to wait. This also begs the question as to whether the launch of PlayStation 5 will be affected.

Having played the demo at Gamescom 2019 VRFocus instantly liked Iron Man VR, saying: “Iron Man VR has already created plenty of buzz and excitement thanks to the possibility it’ll be a fully-fledged VR videogame rather than the short demo experience Spider-Man: Far From Home Virtual Reality. And that’s certainly justified from what VRFocus has seen so far.”

As and when further details regarding Marvel’s Iron Man VR launch are released, VRFocus will keep you updated.