Award-Winning AR Reading App Wonderscope is Free Until June

In 2018 Within released an augmented reality (AR) app for Apple devices with interactive stories for children to read called Wonderscope. As parents are looking for things to keep their kids entertained whilst they can’t go to school, Within has made all the Wonderscope stories free until June. 


Awarded “Best Learning App” at the 2020 Kids Screen Awards, in 2019 Wonderscope also won a Children’s BAFTA for its inaugural story, A Brief History of Stunts by Astounding People.

Built using Apple’s ARKit so it’s compatible with any iOS device running on iOS 11 or newer, Wonderscope is suitable for children ages 6 and up. Offering a virtual world of colourful characters who encourage kids to practise reading aloud, the apps’ “Look At” feature enables characters to make eye contact with children, and voice recognition allows kids at any reading level to enjoy the app.

“Our goal is to provide children with entertaining interactive stories that harness the power of imagination to cultivate learning,” said Within’s executive producer of original content, Samantha Storr of Wonderscope in a statement. “As we adjust to daily life inside our homes, we hope the free stories will make reading time a little more dynamic and joyful for kids around the world.”


Wonderscope is free to download and comes pre-loaded with Clio’s Cosmic Quest. Normally the other stories are priced at $4.99 each but until 1st June they’re all free.

Wonderscope story list:

  • A Brief History of Stunts by Astounding People: Take part in three of history’s most impossible stunts and meet the real people that made them happen.
  • Wonder’s Land Ringmaster Wanted: Meet Wonder, the Ringmaster of Wonder’s Land, who gives you a tour of the nonsensical world he calls home.
  • Little Red the Inventor: Become Red’s imaginary friend and help her show the Big Bad Wolf how strong her voice can be.
  • Clio’s Cosmic Quest: Step into a space portal and explore amazing facts about our solar system.
  • Lauren and the Three Bears: Lauren has been tasked with filling in for Goldilocks. There’s only one problem: Goldilocks didn’t tell her anything about the plot!
  • Willowcrest Manor: In this story, kids play the house ghost, as Godfrey — the ghost butler
  • — teaches kids how to haunt and spook.
  • Sinclair Snake: Kids search for the notorious Sinclair Snake while exploring a natural history museum, solving puzzles and learning fun facts along the way.

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