Reality Clash Developer Diary – March 2020

Welcome to another edition of our Developer Diary series. This month we will be looking at an exciting new partnership and some of the latest changes to the Trading Platform…

Reality ClashWith many games industry events now cancelled due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and many countries in various states of social distancing, we’ve been chained to our desks, focused on improvements to the Reality Clash Trading Platform and finalising our Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) schedule (more on that anon).

The new Reward Points system has been pushed live and is working as expected, so Traders can now use their accumulated points to get discounts on in-game items at The Armoury. Earning these points in the game is simple and with a current rate of 1 point to 1 RCC (our currency), players can get their hands on some fantastic discounts without too much effort.

With new game mechanics such as these, it’s crucial to remove as many barriers to entry as possible – As Reality Clash is a title that is fusing the worlds of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), location and the blockchain, we have to be mindful of the learning curves we ask our players to ride.

Reality ClashSo maybe we should do a bit of exposition on NFTs (and Japanese gaming culture) in the context of a new partnership with entered into. As of this week, Reality Clash weapons are now tradable on the Nagemon Marketplace in Japan, offering a new audience and platform for in-game traders. With the Nagemon platform particularly popular in Asia, we are looking forward to expanding exposure of our mobile videogame and NFTs in the region.

What’s an NFT? All the Nagemon Gacha collectable in-game items are ‘tokenized’ on the blockchain as NFTs, which ensures uniqueness, proof of ownership and security for players. Participating videogames from other publishers include Gods Unchained and CryptoMotors.

Started in 2019, Nagemon is a product of Bacoor Inc., the company behind HB Wallet, which allows users of the Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency to manage their funds. Nagemon is also an NFT Market, where players can trade their tokenized assets for ETH or Stablecoins.

Reality Clash - Nagemon gacha 2As part of the partnership, our NFTs will also be available on Nagemon’s virtual Gacha games. You may already be aware of a Gacha machine without knowing it – it traditionally involves a physical machine in which you put in a coin and receive a random collectable. This mechanic is very well-known and popular in Japan, with Nagemon looking to introduce more users to this game by making it virtual and available to anyone with an internet connection.

It’s a compelling business model and we fully expect other Western developers and publishers to start exploring how it can augment their AR and VR gameplay mechanics.

In other developments on the theme, we will soon be releasing our finalised NFT schedule for 2020 – in other words, the pipeline of collectable in-game items we’ll be making available to players. This will make adjustments to the display of rarity for each item and clarify how future weapon releases will work – again everything we’re doing here is about transparency for players and end-users.

More details on this, plus our revamped AR/location UI, will be covered in the April instalment of this diary.