Over 20 Titles on Oculus Quest Have Achieved $1m in Revenue

Facebook has begun its Game Developers Showcase today with lots of Oculus Quest news. By the end of the month, there’s going to be a raft of experimental features coming including a whole new dashboard. Also in the announcements were several important facts about how well developers on the platform are doing and the influx of gamers the company is seeing. 

Facebook - Game Developers Showcase

Making any sort of money when you specialise in virtual reality (VR) has always been difficult due to the niche user base. Things have improved over the last year or so thanks to cheaper, easier to use devices like Oculus Quest and it seems quite a few studios have done very well. Oculus’ Director of Content Ecosystem Chris Pruett confirmed today that: “over 20 titles have generated a million dollars in revenue on Quest alone.”

Now he doesn’t specify which titles managed to achieve this and how long they’d been on the store for but the figure is still impressive none the less.

Additionally, Pruett also mentioned that Oculus Quest had a very successful Christmas period with 90% of Oculus Quest activations being new customers to the ecosystem. That would help explain why the headset is so difficult to get hold of at the moment. The one figure which hasn’t – and probably will never – been revealed is exactly how many Oculus Quest’s have been sold, a figure that would help disclose the size of Oculus’ platform.

Oculus Quest new image

There’s been no specific videogame news today to mark the start of the Game Developers Showcase, the Oculus Blog is going to be regularly updated over the next couple of days so expect more announcements soon on The Room VR: A Dark Matter from  Fireproof Games, Drifter Entertainment’s Lies Beneath and Phantom: Covert Ops from nDreams.

Then on 19th March, Facebook plans to release three video workshops; from new and upcoming tools to insider techniques and tips to help developers building Oculus Quest and Rift experiences:

  • VR Business Best Practices
  • The Future of Playing Together and Where Multiplayer Is Going in VR
  • Best Practices For Launching Games on Oculus

VRFocus will continue its Facebook and Oculus Quest coverage, reporting back with all the latest news and announcements.