New Lies Beneath Gameplay Videos Surface

A couple of weeks ago Drifter Entertainment revealed its latest virtual reality (VR) project was a scary first-person shooter (FPS) called Lies BeneathEven more surprising was the speed of the launch, first coming to Oculus Quest at the end of the month. Naturally, the studio has begun releasing several gameplay videos to highlight some of Lies Beneath’s features.

Lies Beneath

Like any good horror (or shooter for that matter) the ever faithful shotgun is at hand to protect you in close quarters. Great for making heads disappear, the shotgun in Lies Beneath is your standard pump-action affair with the video indicating a six shell capacity for maximum damage. You can even use the gun to knock away incoming projectiles which is handy.

The next video is simply called ‘The Lighter’ and features a lighter quite surprisingly. Great for seeing in those dark scary corners of Lies Beneath, the tool can be used to light save point lanterns and campfires, revealing enemy weak points,  highlighting traps and burning effigies whilst revealing how many are left to find.

From what’s been revealed so far Lies Beneath looks to be one heart-pounding ride, with Drifter Entertainment going for a terrifying art style and some horrific-looking monsters. This single-player survival horror takes place in the sleepy town of Slumber, Alaska where you play as returning college student Mae. The town has quite literally gone to hell so Mae needs to find her dad and try to get out alive.

You’ll have a range of tools and weaponry other than those just mentioned, from pistols and axes to knives and explosives. There will also be puzzles to solve and hidden secrets like the effigies to find. The studio has really committed to the lore of the town, creating a couple of tourist-style websites about Slumber and its history.

Lies Beneath will see a split launch with the Oculus Quest version arriving on 31st March while the Oculus Rift version is scheduled for 14th April 2020.

It was supposed to the Game Developers Conference (GDC) this week but with that closed developers will be looking at other means of announcing their latest projects. Don’t forget to watch the Facebook: Game Developers Showcase later today. For further updates, keep reading VRFocus.