Eclipse: Edge of Light Shines Onto PlayStation VR & Oculus Rift Next Week

Having released award-winning puzzler Eclipse: Edge of Light for Google Daydream followed by Oculus Go, indie developer White Elk Studios will soon bring the title to more headsets. Next week will see a multiplatform launch for PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Eclipse-Screenshot-Pasture-2kAs Eclipse: Edge of Light was previously a videogame designed for mobile headsets the studio has improved the visual quality of the experience, making use of the extra processing power available.

The videogame’s narrative doesn’t involve a protagonist, instead putting players in the central role. After crashing on an alien world they’ll soon discover this is a world which resembles a dreamscape, full of vividly diverse locations to explore. This is not some barren planet, however. Players will soon discover the remains of an ancient civilisation and its powerful technology.

Finding a powerful relic dubbed ‘The Artifact’, this device can interact with the mysterious technology whilst granting them powers which appear almost magical. Using these new found gifts players must explore the world, uncovering its secrets and the downfall of this once powerful civilisation.


With full locomotion controls for maximum immersion, players are equipped with a jetpack-mounted space suit to wander around. White Elk Studios stipulated at the time of the original release that great care had been taken to ensure comfortable movement within the videogame without the need for teleportation mechanics. With the virtual reality (VR) industry moving at pace, how well this holds up today remains to be seen.

Eclipse: Edge of Light will launch on 14th January via Steam and PlayStation store. No price has been revealed at the moment but the original version only retailed for £7.99 GBP. As a roughly 3 hour experience it should remain a similar price. VRFocus will continue its coverage of Eclipse: Edge of Light and White Elk Studios, reporting back with further updates and announcements.