WayRay Unveils its First Full Colour Holographic AR Display at CES 2020

WayRay, a holographic display company which has primarily focused on created augmented reality (AR) screens for the automotive industry is at CES 2020 this week to showcase its latest product, a full-colour display. On top of this WayRay has revealed new efforts to expand its product offerings into new markets.


For CES 2020 WayRay will be demoing a new Holographic AR display as a vehicle-mounted product whilst looking into the future of infotainment in self-driving cars. Vitaly Ponomarev, WayRay Founder and CEO, comments: “We are coming to CES for the fourth time in a row, and every time we are trying to outdo our previous accomplishments and to demonstrate new updates to the holographic AR technology. This year, the Holographic AR Display is updated with an addition of a blue laser, offering a complete RGB experience.”

In terms of those expansion plans, the first is a strategic partnership with Covestro, a supplier of high-tech polymer materials. The company is currently developing new photopolymer products for automotive AR HUD applications and the partnership aims to create new solutions which can be embedded in windshields.

The second collaboration is with Doosan Bobcat, an engineering and manufacturing company which creates compact construction equipment like the Bobcat loader. WayRay wants to add its Holographic AR HUD to Doosan Bobcat equipment, offering operators more information to operate the equipment more efficiently and productively.


“This is an example of how Doosan Bobcat is partnering with new cutting-edge technology providers outside our industry to bring the latest innovative solutions to our customers in an effort to help them accomplish more,” adds Joel Honeyman, Vice President Global Innovation at Doosan Bobcat in a statement.

VRFocus is at CES 2020 to take a look at all the latest AR and virtual reality (VR) technology, so we’ll let you know whether WayRay’s new full-colour display is worth getting excited about.