The VR Games Launch Roundup: Teleportation and High Terrains

With a host of new AAA titles being released from mid-January onwards, for now, you can enjoy this list of brand new indie titles being released over the course of the next week. Make sure to also check out our accompanying YouTube video to get a mini-preview of each title’s gameplay and details.

Much like 2019, VRFocus will continue our weekly roundup throughout 2020 of the virtual reality (VR) videogames due for imminent release. Make sure to follow our various social media platforms to be the first to find out about all new titles and insights within the VR industry.

The VR CanyonStrings – HNZK

Developed and published by indie studio HNZK, speed through levels using fast-paced VR teleportation movement. By throwing a teleportation orb, you transport yourself to wherever the orb lands. Build up an inventory of unique found items from across each location and use your weapons arsenal to take on a range of enemies during a series of boss battles.

The VR Canyon – Wild Monkeygames

New from indie studio Wild Monkeygames, users can take on a range of challenging terrains and explore breath-taking VR views as you jump, climb, swim and abseil around stunning natural scenery.

Free Company VR

Free Company VR – Pomshine Games

In this title from indie developer Pomshine Games, players lead their mercenary army into large battles in a ruthless quest for victory. Players need to purchase equipment for them, train them and build up their skills in preparation to take on over 100 battles.

Boiling Steel: Preface – Mirowin

In this sci-fi shooter, you set off for a distant hi-tech paradise planet in search of a better life, but all is not what it seems. Before you know it, a deadly virus has infected robot lifeforms and plunged life on the planet into a chaotic warzone. It’s time to save the planet and ultimately, yourself in a series of story missions lasting over 10 hours.