It’s Multiplayer Mayhem for Perp Games’ Christmas AdVRent Calendar

Christmas is a time for coming together and helping others, it’s why VRFocus is happy to be part of Perp Games’ Combat AdVRent Calendar event this festive season. So not only are we helping put a smile on VR fans faces with a competition but also aiding UK charity Crisis which fights to end homelessness. If you’ve been following the campaign since 1st December, then you’ll know each day has a theme based around combat, and VRFocus’ is multiplayer gaming.

Final Assault

Perp Games originally held a similar calendar event last year, purely for the PlayStation VR titles it published. This year’s fun advent calendar event not only highlights entertaining virtual reality (VR) titles but also gives you a chance to win (most of) them.

It’s the 23rd December and with two days left to go until the big day, multiplayer videogames seemed particularly apt. So VRFocus has selected six titles with five of them available to win. Let’s start with military combat experience Onwarda videogame well known to a lot of VR players having also featured in Oculus’ VR League. A classic first-person shooter (FPS) developed by Downpour Interactive, VRFocus has both Steam and Oculus Store codes to give away.

Fire-Point Interactive’s Sabre VR for PlayStation VR is a very different beast. With a very bold cel-shaded art style, this is an arena FPS putting players inside mechanised animals called S.A.B.R.E.’s, offering cross-play functionality between VR and non-VR players.

Next up VR MOBA Cradle of Sins by British indie team U24 Solutions. Offering four playable characters and 28 weapons to select, Cadle of Sins isn’t yet available on Steam but the studio is currently running a $10k tournament which the competition codes will give you access to.

Solaris: Offworld Combat

If none of those are quite your thing, then how about winning real-time strategy (RTS) title Final Assault from Phaser Lock Interactive on Steam? VRFocus gave the videogame a commendable four-star review saying: “There’s plenty to love about Final Assault. Providing a leaner less complicated approach to RTS gameplay, most fans of the genre apart from the die-hard stalwarts should find there’s enough depth and reply value to keep coming back for hours on end.”

The last videogame you can win is Survios’ high seas action experience Battlewakeoffering a single-player campaign as well as multiplayer modes. Another decent entry from the developer, in Battlewake you captain a pirate vessel through hostile waters, using both magic and cannonballs to vanquish enemies.

The only title to make the list which isn’t winnable is Solaris: Offworld CombatThe next title from Firewall Zero Hour team First Contact Entertainment, Solaris: Offworld Combat promises 4 vs 4 battles in futuristic arena-style locations.


When it comes to supporting homeless charity Crisis its all part of Perp Games’ online store. Here the company sells all of its PlayStation VR hard copies, for those players who like to own a physical disk version. During December, Perp Games is donating 100% of the profits from each videogame sold to Crisis to help in its festive fundraising efforts.

In an additional competition, you can also win a PlayStation 4 Pro, PlayStation VR and videogame bundle care of Admix sponsoring the event.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of VR as the industry enters 2020, reporting back with all the latest announcements.

Disclosure: Admix is the parent company of VRFocus. VRFocus retains its editorial independence. 

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