3dRudder Adds Support for Oculus Quest Using Oculus Link

The 3dRudder foot controller supports just about every virtual reality (VR) headset on the market, allowing players to remain seated and comfortable whilst having the benefit of moving in a virtual world using their feet. As Oculus Quest is the hot headset of the moment, 3dRudder has just announced compatibility thanks to Oculus Link.

3dRudder - Oculus Quest

The company has enabled this feature by updating its 3dRudder Dashboard, letting Oculus Quest users connect to a 3dRudder hooked up to a PC. Through the dashboard’s VR Unleashed option, Oculus Quest users can now play PC VR titles as well as adjust a range of settings for their 3dRudder (seen in the image below), hopefully ensuring a nausea-free experience.

As for more native support, 3dRudder will soon allow developers to integrate the controller into their videogames and apps via a beta section in its software development kit (SDK). Interested developers will need to register for this section here.

Additionally, 3dRudder has mentioned that a new app called The Whale will be released in the next few days (no exact date) showcasing the combination of 3dRudder and Oculus Quest hand tracking. The feature has been one of the big VR stories of the last few months, ever since its first unveiling at Oculus Connect 6 (OC6). Hand tracking for Oculus Quest began its rollout last week, allowing users to experience Quest Home as well as first-party apps like Oculus Browser and Oculus TV. Now that the hand tracking SDK has been released to developers more compatible content should start appearing.

3dRudder Dashboard - Oculus Quest

3dRudder was designed to help players enjoy free-roaming VR experiences who either felt nauseous using stick-based control schemes or for those who didn’t have enough space for roomscale titles. Supporting a wide variety of videogames for both PC VR headsets and PlayStation VR, 3dRudder currently retails at €99 EUR for PC VR and €119 for the PlayStation VR version.

As developers continue to support Oculus Quest and as more titles add 3dRudder compatibility, VRFocus will let you know.