Enjoy A Winter Holiday as Vacation Simulator Lands on Oculus Quest

Famous for its Job Simulator videogame from 2016, Owlchemy Labs followed that up earlier this year with Vacation Simulator, taking the hands-on gameplay to new comedic heights. Today. it’s the turn of standalone headset Oculus Quest, helping to further bolster the dedicated store content.

Vacation Simulator

While Job Simulator was all about helping humans remember how to ‘job’ after robots were invented to handle all laborious tasks, it was then time for the robots to learn about ‘not jobbing’. Which of course means relaxing on holiday, doing all sorts of entertaining, stress-free tasks.

Vacation Simulator takes place across three locations, the beach, a forest and atop a mountain. You’ll be able to engage in all sorts of leisure activities tailored to each locale, making sandcastles, grilling burgers and diving into the ocean at the beach; gardening, painting and exploring in the forest; while the mountain has you skiing, throwing snowballs and making ice sculptures, to name just a few activities.

Owlchemy Labs’ virtual reality (VR) videogames are all about immersing yourself in the virtual world, so there are few mechanics which actually rely on traditional gameplay controls. Imagine you’re a kid in a room filled with toys, it’s all about getting stuck in and seeing what that button does or what happens if you pull this lever.

Vacation Simulator

VRFocus gave the PC version of Vacation Simulator a commendable four-star review, saying: “What’s particularly pleasing is the fact that everything just seems to work. Owlchemy Labs needs to be commended on its production values for Vacation Simulator, offering a smooth, faultless experience from start to finish.”

Vacation Simulator would also be a perfect candidate for Oculus Quest’s latest feature, hand tracking. Originally announcing hand tracking at Oculus Connect 6 (OC6) with a 2020 launch window, the feature began a limited rollout yesterday. Only available to Oculus Quest’s running v12 software – which isn’t available everywhere at the moment – hand tracking only works on first-party apps. Third-party developers like Owlchemy Labs will be able to access the hand tracking SDK next week.

Available now on Oculus Store for £22.99 GBP/$29.99 USD, as further Vacation Simulator announcements are made VRFocus will keep you updated.