New Trailer Details Gameplay for PlayStation VR Exclusive Paper Beast

Pixel Reef’s upcoming PlayStation VR exclusive Paper Beast was the only dedicated virtual reality (VR) title to feature in today’s State of Play broadcast by Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE). While the release window has stayed the same at Q1 2020, new information including a gameplay trailer highlights a couple of new features.

Paper Beast

Paper Beast is an exploration videogame within the world of big data. Pixel Reef has imagined an everchanging ecosystem born withing the vast memory of data servers, and you’re the first person to enter this realm filled with animals made of paper. “In Paper Beast, I wanted the player to feel like they are the first explorer of a virgin land. This is how we created the game: as a journey through a unique wilderness where no human being has ever set foot,” states creator Eric Chahi on PlayStation Blog.

Previous gameplay showcased being able to interact with these animals as well as solving puzzles. The new trailer now highlights how you have significant influence over the world around you, able to not only manipulate the terrain but also fluids, helping or hindering the local wildlife as you see fit.

There is a narrative to the experience but its completely non-verbal, with the creatures helping players progress via intuitive actions. “The challenge was to create a credible wilderness. Thanks to our physical simulation of locomotion, the animals move as if they had muscles and bones,” notes Chahi. “This technology is the core of the gameplay: the engine calculates the creatures’ movement in real time to allow them to react to all the player’s actions. Creatures will also adapt their movements to the terrain and the obstacles on their path.”

Paper Beast

VRFocus previewed Paper Beast during Gamescom 2019, finding the title instantly fascinating: “Paper Beast is a delight of design and imagination, beautiful to look and puzzling to experience. Hopefully, the final version will develop those interactive elements rather than purely being an elaborate art piece.”

Paper Beast has yet to receive a solid launch date in Q1 2020. Check out the new trailer below and when those details do emerge VRFocus will let you know.