Oculus Continues the Game Deals Into Cyber Monday

If Black Friday hasn’t already rinsed your bank account and you’ve managed to restrain your spending then there are still more deals to be had this Cyber Monday. Oculus had a bunch of Black Friday deals on its store for Rift S and Quest and today there are a load of new ones if you missed out the first time.

Most of these deals are bundle packages designed to make it easier to find videogames you like, split across various genres. On the Oculus Quest portion of the store there are four bundles to choose from:

  • Action Essentials – £69.99 – Saving 15%
  • Fitness Essentials – £69.99 – Saving 16%
  • Oculus Originals Essentials – £74.27 – Saving 18%
  • Multiplayer Essentials – £79.99 – Saving 21%

As with any of Oculus’ bundles if you already own one or more of the titles featured then the store will automatically deduct them from the final price – so you’re not paying for a videogame twice. So you’ll still get a discount but you’ll need to check your own individual store.

There are even a few singular titles on sale including Bonfire, Half + Half, Ballista, Please Don’t Touch Anything and Ocean Rift.

Oculus Quest Lifestyle 4

The same goes for Oculus Rift S. The tethered headset has a much bigger selection of titles to choose from, offering the following bundles:

  • Rift Grand Essentials – £44.99 – Saving 51%
  • Oculus Originals Essentials – £74.27 – Saving 18%
  • Action Essentials – £69.99 – Saving 7%
  • Multiplayer Essentials – £79.99 – Saving 21%
  • Arcade Essentials – £50.48 – Saving 19%
  • Fitness Essentials – £69.99 – Saving 13%

Notable single experiences on sale include Superhot VR, Arizona Sunshine, Onward, Seeking Dawn, Red Matter, Trover Saves the Universe, Final Assault and Battlewake.

Also worth remembering if you have an Oculus Quest. Thanks to Oculus Link all these videogames can be played on the portable headset via a compatible PC and suitable USB to USB-C cable. Double-check whether your PC is compatible with Oculus Link beta because only certain GPU’s are supported currently.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of the latest virtual reality (VR) deals and offers, reporting back with the best savings.