Stormland Dev Insomniac Games Release Strangelets for Magic Leap One

Insomniac Games will soon no longer be an independent studio thanks to its acquisition by Sony Worldwide Studios. Before that happens the developer released Oculus Rift exclusive Stormland earlier this month. And today the studio has announced another, this time for Magic Leap with Strangelets. 


The title is in fact a sequel to 2018’s Seedling, with Insomniac Games taking the lessons learnt from that first experience and expanding them into Strangelets. The story goes that players have to confront the effects of “The Schmelling Incident,” a catastrophic cosmic event that served as the catalyst for Seedling’s story. As such, they’ll find the Incident has caused alien creatures from across the galaxy to become trapped in pockets between dimensions.

So gameplay revolves around finding dimensional rifts, rescuing these alien creatures then looking after them by using harvested energy from real-world objects. As you do so you’ll be able to build a collection of these lovable creatures.

Insomniac Games has created its own proprietary tech for Strangelets, experimenting with news to use spatial computing. Gameplay is affected by a players real-world time and weather as they nurture, grow and customize alien plant life forms.


“After the launch of Seedling, our small team of spatial computing pioneers were more inspired than ever by the potential of this new platform. We were ready to dive headfirst into our next experimental experience and to continue collaborating with our passionate partners at Magic Leap. Our goal moving forward was to build on lessons learned from Seedling and to venture into new territories of spatial computing not yet experienced by players,” said Nathaniel Bell, Creative Director for Strangelets and Seedling in a statement.

Strangelets is the second videogame announced for Magic Leap One this week, the other being detective experience  Glimt: The Vanishing at the Grand Starlight Hotel by Resolution Games. But while the latter is still months away from launch, if you own a Magic Leap One device then you can download Strangelets today from Magic Leap World.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Insomniac Games and Magic Leap, especially as the former heads into new territory as a Sony studio.