The VR Game Launch Roundup: Mid-November Madness

VRFocus brings you another list of virtual reality (VR) titles being released over the course of next week. Be sure to check out our freshly made roundup video made to accompany this article and stay tuned to check out all individual game reviews as soon as each title is released.

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This fitness app has everything you need for a VR high-intensity boxing workout. Featuring workout routines advised and regularly updated by various actual professional fitness instructors, activities can range anywhere between 3 to over 20 minutes long. Users can record workouts to track progress and beat personal records and enhance workouts with the help of music from a range of different artists.

  • Supported platforms: PlayStation VR
  • Launch date: 19th November

The Under Presents – Tender Claws

First previewed during the Sundance Film Festival, The Under Presents is a new interactive theatre experience by Tender Claws where users interact with both other VR users and scripted film characters. Entering a dimension that exists outside of time and space, you encounter a mysterious being known as “The Under.” Featuring two unique settings of a theatrical stage show and a survival mission, the title has been described as an experience “where live immersive theatre meets VR to bring live actors into your living room.”

  • Supported platforms: Oculus Quest
  • Launch date: 19th November

The Under Presents

DEEMO -Reborn- – Rayark Inc.

First released in 2013, Rayark Games are back with a VR updating of their popular rhythm videogame, Deemo, now featuring brand new elements and an extended story. Once again, having fallen from the sky, a young girl finds herself in a mysterious unknown world. She discovers a castle and is welcomed by the mysterious Deemo. She discovers a small tree that grows whenever Deemo plays the piano. If the tree grows enough, the girl can reach the sky and return back home, will she make it back? New sheet music is unlocked for the user by exploring the castle and solving various puzzles and activating switches. Featuring the new “Exploration Mode” to accompany the “Music Mode,” this enchanted musical adventure is back and better than ever.

  • Supported platforms: PlayStation VR
  • Launch date: 21st November

Vader Immortal: Episode III – ILMxLAB

Coming soon from ILMxLAB comes the third and final adventure in the Star Wars spin-off series, Vader Immortal. In Vader Immortal: Episode 3, you are joined by your droid companion, ZO-E3, and must stop Darth Vader from returning to his castle and activating a deadly Bright Star artefact. If activated, life on Mustafar could be wiped out forever. It’s up to you make use of the classic lightsabre, the force and any blaster you find to break into the castle and stop the activation taking place, eventually coming face-to-face with the iconic Sith Lord himself.

  • Supported Platforms: Oculus Quest/Oculus Rift
  • Launch date: 21st November