Bigscreen Getting Stylish Retro Cinema And Premium 3D Movie Screenings

Today Bigscreen is announcing its latest new theater environment: The Retro Cinema! This stylish destination looks like it will be perfect for binging old favorites with friends. Bigscreen TV is also getting a slew of new Halloween-focused channels and will roll out a slate of “premium 3D movie screenings” later this year.

Movie theater environments  are always popular with the VR community in Bigscreen (as evidenced by past updates like the Modern Cinema) so doing a throwback environment this time around was a no-brainer.


Additionally, Halloween is coming up fast next week so users will be able to check out some brand new Halloween-focused channels to get into the spooky mood. Until after Halloween Bigscreen TV is getting 10 new channels including Fear Factor, Disney Channel, The Addams Family, and more to spotlight terrifying Halloween-themed content.

Plus, all of the new theater environments are building towards an even bigger initiative very soon: premium 3D movie screenings. The ball started rolling on these two years ago when Bigscreen partnered with Paramount for Top Gun, and this December more screenings are planned for all VR headsets across several countries. There aren’t any other details yet, but it sounds exciting — especially if new movies could premiere this way in addition to revisiting classics.

We’ve got a round up of other content you can watch live in VR this week over here, but on the Bigscreen front more stuff is already in the works too. Every Thursday you can tune in for live Thursday Night NFL Football games and then in 2020 Bigscreen will get an internal Friends list that connects across platforms and it’ll be coming to PSVR as well.

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