Firewall Zero Hour’s Operation Dark Web Includes New Map, Contractor, Weapons, And More

Firewall Zero Hour (our GOTY 2018) is about to kick off its next season of content with Operation: Dark Web starting August 13th.

We learned about the new Operation late last month, but it’s been shrouded in mystery ever since. Today, the new update has been demystified as Damoun Shabestari, Game Director for Firewall Zero Hour at First Contact Entertainment, revealed all of the juicy details. 

When Operation: Dark Web launches it will introduce a whole host of new content for the PSVR exclusive tactical shooter. For starters, there’s a brand new map called Newsroom that takes place in a news broadcasting studio. Visually it reminds me a bit of the Office map with its contemporary colors and high-tech props scattered about. Just like last season (Operation: Nightfall), this and the forthcoming other new map later this year (Cargo) releasing for Dark Web are 100% free for all players.

Also just like last season, Dark Web is getting an Op Pass. The Op Pass works similarly to the Battle Pass concept seen in other live service video games such as Fortnite, PUBG, and Dauntless. You pay a single up-front fee ($9.99 in this case) and it unlocks a reward track with milestones for leveling up and playing the game. As you reach each milestone by completing ‘missions’ in the game, you’ll unlock different rewards on the track such as new camo styles, new trinkets, and so on.

Dark Web is also introducing new tactical equipment to Firewall Zero Hour for the first time since launch almost a year ago. The two new items available for free to anyone that is high enough level are the Motion Sensor (unlocked at level 13 for 7,500 crypto) which detects nearby enemies and shows their location on your wrist tablet and the Instant Smoke Grenade (unlocked at level 5 for 3,200 crypto) which emits a thick cloud of smoke as soon as it makes contact with a surface.

firewall dark web newsroom map

In addition to new weapons and cosmetics, Dark Web is also introducing a brand new Contractor once again named Kane. His special skill is called “Blade” and lets him throw up to 3 throwing knives instead of using normal melee strikes. Later this season another new contractor will be introduced named Proxy with an “Eagle Eye” skill that’s yet to be revealed. Both Contractors are unlocked by purchasing the Firewall Zero Hour Operation: Dark Web Op Pass.

If you don’t feel like grinding through ‘Missions’ in the game, then you can purchase “Hack Keys” which let you automatically complete Operational Missions. They don’t award XP at all, but you’re granted the associated crypto and any cosmetic reward for the corresponding mission. You can buy a bundle of the Op Pass and 25 Hack Keys for $29.99 or packs of 5 Hack Keys for $4.99. It’s a good option if you don’t have time to play a ton but still want some of the limited rewards.

firewall dark web road map

Let us know what you think of Operation: Dark Web in Firewall Zero Hour in the comments down below!

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