Defector Developer Has More VR Games That Will ‘Push The Medium’

Twisted Pixel launched its third VR game, Defector, on Oculus Rift this week. But the studio isn’t done with VR yet.

The developer, best-known for indie hits like ‘Splosion Man and Loco Cycle, confirmed as much in an Oculus Blog post. In an FAQ to promote Defector Game Director Dan Bullock confirmed Twisted Pixel has more VR on the way.

“We’re not prepared to announce anything, but we have more projects in the works that will continue to push the medium,” Bullock wrote. “It’s exciting times for our studio and we look forward to revealing more soon!”

It’s great to hear that the team isn’t done with VR. Twisted Pixel’s Wilson’s Heart remains one of our favorite Oculus Rift games and Defector is a fun, if shallow, rollercoaster. We gave the game a 7/10 in our review yesterday. “In the end Defector is a good, fun game at a very fair price point that offers some cheap thrills, loads of replayability, and a handful of truly thrilling moments that successfully let you live out your Bond, Bourne, or Mission Impossible power fantasy from the safety of a VR headset,” David Jagneaux wrote.

Defector definitely feels like a step back from Wilson’s Heart, then. Hopefully that was more of a side-project for bigger VR things to come from Twisted Pixel. We wouldn’t be surprised to learn the team is continuing to make games under the Oculus Studios label. Could we perhaps see the reveal of its next project at Oculus Connect 6 in October?

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