Vive Enterprise Solutions Unit to Help Businesses Expand XR Portfolios

Consumer virtual reality (VR) may have restarted the industry as a whole but solutions for business have become a key part of many immersive companies strategy. Today, HTC Vive has announced a new business unit which aims to help in that endeavour, Vive Enterprise Solutions.

HTC Vive Focus Plus

Having launched the HTC Vive Pro Eye and Vive Focus Plus headsets, both squarely aimed at the enterprise market, the new business unit will help companies integrate XR hardware, software, and services for their professional needs.

Vive Enterprise Solutions will address four key areas where enterprises are investing today, Training and Simulation, Design and Visualization; Virtual Collaboration and Location-Based Entertainment and Attractions.

“With enterprise VR rapidly becoming the ‘killer app’ in the industry, we are providing solutions for small to large commercial creators to be successful and solve business needs,” says Daniel O’Brien, Head of Vive Enterprise Solutions, HTC Vive in a statement. “We’re in a unique position to offer enterprises a comprehensive business solution in part due to our own hardware innovation and collaborative industry relationships. We’re thrilled to continue to work with professional users to provide the best hardware, software, and services to help them succeed.”

HTC Vive Focus Plus

While developing integrated software solutions and professional services to provide the service and support corporate clients require, at the core of HTC Vive’s business solutions are of course its headsets. Companies have four devices to choose from depending on requirements. For high-fidelity, PC-based VR there’s the HTC Vive Pro starting from £1,082.50 GBP or the HTC Vive Pro Eye from £1,250 (great for analytics). Or when portability is high on the list then there’s always the HTC Vive Focus starting from £532.50 or the HTC Vive Focus Plus which retails from £639.00 (all prices exclude VAT).

Businesses looking to deploy more VR solutions are being spoilt for choice when it comes to new hardware. Training is a big part of why a lot of companies are investing in XR solutions and with that come hand interaction. Manus VR is one company at the forefront of this development, recently announcing the new Manus Prime Haptic glove. Offering a slightly different take is Dexta Robotics with its Dexmo Enterprise Edition force feedback glove. As more XR business solutions are developed VRFocus will keep you updated.