VR Education’s Titanic VR Followup Raid on the Ruhr Lands in March

VR Education Holdings PLC is well known for its in-depth, factual virtual reality (VR) pieces such as Apollo 11 VR, Titanic VR and 1943: Berlin Blitz. Today, the studio has announced its next VR project, Raid on the Ruhr, another WWII experience which is set to arrive later this month.

Titanic VR image

Raid on the Ruhr is an educational title based on the famous Dambusters mission of May 1943. For this mission, a team of bomber and night fighter veterans were assembled under a new squadron, codenamed Squadron ‘X’, to deliver the now infamous ‘bouncing bomb, the brainchild of inventor Barnes Wallis.

As for the VR experience itself, you’ll be able to fly a Lancaster bomber on its journey from the UK to the industrial heartland of Germany, the Ruhr valley, and drop the deadly payload.

“Following on from our highly popular and award-winning experiences Apollo 11 VR, Titanic VR and 1943: Berlin Blitz, we are delighted to announce the release date of our next title, Raid on the Ruhr,” said David Whelan, CEO of VR Education in a statement. “Building on our previous research with the BBC while creating the Berlin Blitz experience, we have created this new title from the ground up providing users with more control as they fly the Lancaster to its target and drop the famous bouncing bomb on the Möhne and Edersee Dams.

“This title adds to our back catalogue of immersive experiences and provides more assets and content for our ENGAGE platform where educators and corporate trainers can create their own learning content.”

Apollo 11 VR Experience

The company launched the first version of its educational platform ENGAGE at the end of 2018, designed to overcome certain aspects of online courses and traditional learning methods.

VR Education’s Raid on the Ruhr will be available from 29th March 2019, supporting Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality devices. For further updates from the studio, keep reading VRFocus.