Intercelluar is an Educational Experience Taking You Inside the Human Body

There’s nothing like a good educational virtual reality (VR) experience to really help immerse you in a particular topic. Having previously released an augmented reality (AR) app back in 2017, scientific communication studio Random42 has just launched a mobile VR app that takes you on a journey inside the human body, Intercellular.

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This is Random42’s first dedicated educational VR experience, taking a much more cinematic approach towards teaching users about the functions that go on inside the human body. “You’ll be able to discover a variety of cells performing different functions, from neurons in the brain to bacteria within the gut and everywhere in-between. Travel along inside a cell and explore the nucleus to reveal DNA, the code that makes us who we are,” the company explains.

“We are excited to launch our first truly educational virtual reality experience that is publicly available. We hope that this will go beyond our normal client base so that schools and universities as well as the greater scientific community can gain value from our work,” said Ben Ramsbottom, Random42 Medical Director and CEO in a statement.

Intercellular is designed to be viewed on mobile devices using a Google Cardboard or a similar headset. It can be viewed on the Random42 YouTube channel or website, or for the full immersive VR experience download the Random42 Virtual Reality App for iOS or Android devices. If you don’t own a Cardboard headset and work in the healthcare industry, Random42 will send you one free of charge, simply submit your details here.

Random42’s Intercellular – An Interbody VR Experience

“Intercellular was one of the more challenging VR projects the team have worked on,” adds Leo Chilcott, Random42’s Production Director. “Transitioning from one 3D environment to the next is a delicate process in VR, making sure the leaps are not disorientating or jarring for the viewer. I think the team’s hard work really paid off, I especially enjoy moving from the cellular to molecular level, watching the cell split open revealing another world inside.”

As Random42 continue to expand its VR and AR portfolio, VRFocus will be on hand to bring you the latest updates.