NetEase Games Reveals Western-Themed FPS Stay Silent, Sign up for Beta Test

NetEase Games, the developer behind open-world virtual reality (VR) adventure Nostos has revealed another VR project in the form of Stay Silent. Set in the Wild West, the new title is an online multiplayer-focused first-person shooter (FPS), and the studio is looking for beta testers. 

Stay Silent

Remember that classic 2011 film Cowboys vs Aliens with Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford, well it seems as though NetEase Games are fans as that’s exactly what you get with Stay Silent. Here’s some background story: “When vicious and brutal aliens arrived at a town on the western frontier, you, as a federal sheriff, were ordered to head there and investigate. With the shadow of night hanging over the small town, you will encounter aliens with advanced technology, as well as their earthling minions equipped with stealth devices.”

So it’s up to you to dispatch some nasty aliens and ruthless bandits using your gun skills, mixing both high-end alien technology and wild west era guns. There will be ten western firearms to choose from – all with real actions – as well as some alien weaponry – laser blades anyone? – plus some sneaky stealth equipment that can hide both you and your opponents. To make finding each other slightly plausible the moon can reveal your shadows and your voice will expose your position – so no sneezing.

NetEase Games has said there will be multiple gameplay modes, from solo campaigns and normal multiplayer to co-op missions where you can invite a mate along for the ride.

Stay Silent

There’s no release window just yet for Stay Silent, but NetEase Games will be holding a closed beta to test the title out and let a few players get an early look. You can do this either by leaving a reason why you’re interested in the test and an email via the Steam comments section, or head on over to Stay Silent’s Discord Channel to sign up there instead.

As further details are released regarding Stay Silent VRFocus will make sure to keep you updated.